ProEnergy Partners' Services

At ProEnergy, we are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best energy solution to meet the needs of their business. Our service representatives will take the time to understand your business before making a product recommendation.

Our Services include:

In addition to finding the right product to meet your business needs, we are dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service and support.

Pricing Solutions

It is our responsibility to educate our customers on natural gas opportunities and savings. On average, ProEnergy Partners continually saves customers anywhere from 10% to 40% in utility expenses. In addition to being affordable, natural gas is an environmentally friendly, clean, and abundant alternative.

ProEnergy Partners can create a natural gas pricing portfolio based on your specific energy needs.

Personalized Pricing Strategies Include:

  • Fixed Pricing or Hedging Opportunities: Customers lock their future gas needs at a fixed rate. This pricing option offers an insurance policy against escalating gas rates. In addition, this option allows for customer budgeting and minimizing price risk.
  • Monthly or Variable Price: Customers pay a monthly fluctuating market price for gas. Variable rates do change based upon several factors; weather, geographical supply, pipeline availability.
  • Blended Price: Customers select a split price based upon their business needs. ProEnergy can lock in a portion of your gas under a fixed rate and leave the remaining portion under a variable rate, allowing the customer to maximize their cost savings with some market flexibility.

Account Management

ProEnergy  has a strong commitment to caring for our customers. Excellent customer service coupled with competitive pricing are our top priorities. Here is how we achieve success:

  • Timely & Accurate Billing
  • Professional and Dedicated Staff
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Seamless Customer Transition



We believe by partnering with our customers, we will encourage a long mutually productive relationship based on service, security, and trust.


Customer Savings Analysis & Market Feasibility Study

ProEnergy  can evaluate the savings opportunities in markets across the country. In many cases, we provide supply and market feasibility for our national customers. If you would like ProEnergy  to determine the savings feasibility for a specific area, please Contact us today at (832) 300-0150.