Navigating the Complex Energy Environment

Natural Gas is the most affordable, environmentally friendly, clean, and abundant energy alternative available. Over the years, ProEnergy has helped small business owners, large business owners, and even industrial consumers save between 10 to 40 percent on their energy costs when compared with local utility pricing.

About ProEnergy Partners

  • ProEnergy Partners was formed in the year 2000 as an energy consulting firm specializing in the retail application of natural gas deregulation.
  • Responding to the energy market’s growing need for a low priced provider, ProEnergy Partners diversified itself to provide the most reliable natural gas service at competitive prices.
  • With a grassroots campaign initiating out of Florida, ProEnergy Partners quickly became one of the largest providers in the Southeast.  Currently, ProEnergy Partners has grown into the second largest retail supplier in the CenterPoint, Houston market.


Leadership Team

Jarrett Rogers, our President and co-founder leads the daily management of ProEnergy Partners. Jarrett began providing natural gas supply to the deregulated market in 1993.  CIMA Energy, co-founder, provides the supply and pipeline relationships in order to meet our customer's needs.

ProEnergy Partners has the culmination of experience and knowledge to meet the evolving needs of the deregulated natural gas market. Our success is a result of the value we have generated for our consumers through competitive pricing coupled with personalized customer service. Our mission is to continue to grow with you by being your greatest resource in terms of value and sustainability.

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